We believe media marketing is about more than just  the brand.  It's about your total business concept.
Believe and we will
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On the cutting edge of
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our exclusivity is what
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We are always looking for
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Brand development, strategic planning, marketing, promotion along with strong production
skills are key when it comes to building success. But in today’s market where innovation and
technology can change overnight, keeping up can become very costly. That’s why it’s
important for any company to maximize and take advantage of the opportunities when it
comes down to relying on experience. Since its inception during the early 80's, DIP Global
Media has been a leader in bringing entertainment to the forefront. DIP Global Media has
been selected by some of the most talented and creative individuals and companies on the
globe. Recording Artists, Models, Film Directors, Authors, Makeup Artist and many others have
relied on our services and experience to capture their vision and to set their brands in motion.
We've been around a long time which gives us a great deal of experience.
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Video and photography are a very
important part of branding and getting the
word out.  Having it done right the first time
takes special skills and technology.  We
represent ourselves first before we represent
you and we believe in making sure the
concept fits the clients' business needs. For a
price quote, call or email us today at
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Member of The
C A L L   8 0 4 - 7 6 2 - 0 3 9 9   O R   E M A I L   D I P G L O B A L M E D I A @ G M A I L . C O M
C l i c k   He r e
Samaya Toler joins the DIP Global Media team as one of the worlds
top leading hairstylist with over twenty-five years of experience with
Supercuts Inc., which is one of the leading businesses in the hair care
industry as the artistic director. Specializing in cuts, color, Installs,
relaxers, natural hair care,  as well as her divers knowledge and
experience in all types of hair care gives her the leading edge when
it comes to fashion, editorial,  photo-shoots and working on movie
Hair Stylist :  S A M A Y A   T O L E R
A c t i n g    H o u s e    W o r k s h o p s
He had the best reason for cheating on his girlfriend "Movie Scene"...
Actors, Romero, Jessica and Olivia participating in a live scene at the Acting House Workshop.
The Acting House Workshops from script to screen was a big hit down in Williamsburg, VA and to the
actors surprise they found themselves emerged into a live movie scene.  Darryl Jones, Director: Jenise
Brown, Associate Producer/Actress and Samaya Toler, Professional Hairstylist conducted one of the
most intense comprehensive workshops to reach the area. A wealth of information about the movie
industry and how to break in to it,  the necessary skills and tools needed. Held at the TFS Modeling
and Talent Management Company, Director Freemona Sparks the actors who attended were really  
excited with questions about the industry,  how to get started and what it takes to become an
actor.  Seminars will be held throughout the Virginia Area and you can find your local listings here to
C L I C K   H E R E
Film Support
A M E R I C A N  
C O L L E C T I O N  
B  Y :  
F A S H I O N   P H O T O G R A P H E R / M U A          
D A R R Y L   J O N E S
Are Models Serious About There
How much money are you making or
are you just being beautiful and sexy in
front of the camera?
The Richmond, VA 48 Hour Film Project
is a wild and sleepless weekend in which
you and a team make a movie—write,
shoot, edit and score it—in just 48 hours.
Christine Tyson-DeJesus, Plaza 7
Talent explains how the business works  
with some of the best talent from NY, Atl,
Miami to  LA.
TSF Modeling And Talent Management
Located In The Williamsburg,
Virginia Area And Now
Accepting New Faces
Teshia LeSane is heating up the Internet with her new
image, new album and a new attitude.  Her FB page is
receiving complement after complement but she knows it's
all about delivering on the album.  Her sultry voice tones is a
reminisce of the futures past while celebrating her vocal

Performing in concerts with live bands, working as a
background vocalist while hosting her Open-mic night
keeps her pretty busy, and she's been busy since the time
she found out she could sing at the age of 7.  

When it comes to her music she's very particular about
delivering songs that her audience can relate to and music
that leaves them wanting more and more of her.