Believe and we will
accomplish our goals
together, always
pushing beyond limits
and watching your
success grow.
On the cutting edge of
marketing, innovation
and brand development,
our exclusivity is what
makes us different.
We are always looking for
the competitive edge that
puts you and your brand
in the forefront. Being
first is the only way to
cross the finish line.
brand development, strategic planning, marketing, promotion along with strong production
skills. They're key when it comes to building success. But in today’s market where innovation
and technology can change overnight, keeping up can become very costly. That’s why it’s
important for any company to maximize and take advantage of the opportunities when it
comes down to relying on experience. Since its inception during the early 80's, DIP Global
Media has been a leader in bringing entertainment to the forefront. DIP Global Media has
been selected by some of the most talented and creative individuals and companies on the
globe. Recording Artists, Models, Film Directors, Authors, Makeup Artist and many others
have relied on our services and experience to capture their vision and to set their brands in
We've been around a long time which gives us a great deal of experience.
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Member of The
How much money are you making or
are you just being beautiful and sexy in
front of the camera?
The Richmond, VA 48 Hour Film Project is a
wild and sleepless weekend in which you and
a team make a movie—write, shoot, edit and
score it—in just 48 hours.
Christine Tyson-DeJesus, Plaza 7
Talent explains how the business works  
with some of the best talent from NY, Atl,
Miami to  LA.
D A R R Y L   J O N E S   C R E A T I V E    D I R E C T O R  /   F R O M   2 0 1 4  -  2 0 1 7
We do not claim, promise or guarantee success to anyone within the entertainment industry. We do however provide opportunities through our association with other companies and its affiliates. We only offer our workshops and experience as a way of
learning, training and skill building while providing you with information and knowledge to building your personal talent.  Opportunities are not a claim to make or guarantee success to anyone affiliated or associated with the company nor do we claim
responsibility for your talent. If you are booked for a job through us we do not charge no more then 15% to 20% of the talent booking. We do not claim the responsibility of a booking or  a talent agency and therefore do not claim responsibility failure or
success, or guarantee finding work within the entertainment industry. All photographs and video taken at the workshops can not be used without written or verbal permission on other social media sites and we have the right to use your name, you and
your likeness for advertising purposes. Anyone attending the workshop must sign a photo/video release form. Any material on or within this website is the sole copyrights of the DIP Global Media Films LLC., brand.  Anyone under the age of eighteen
must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Times and dates are subject to change within a 24 hour notice.
S E R V I C E S   W E   P R O V I D E
Kyng Hicks on managing and
discovering artist,  marketing,
promoting and advertising in the music
industry after the success of "World
Battle League".
Is Richmond Virginia ready for it's
own Record Company?  We spoke
with Rick Pilgrim of Pilgrim Records
about a new plan for securing a
label deal from  the majors.
P I L G R I M   R E C O R D S
Power Players &
Leaders In The
Hire A Company Of Experience Professionals In
Order To Execute Your...
All payments and or deposits are final and non-refundable. Workshops are only offered on the date given and may not be changed to other dates and can not be combined with any other offers