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  • Where to begin
  • Character Development
  • Scene Study/Monolouge
  • Realistic Approach
  • Staying In The Moment
  • Audition Process
  • Breaking Down The Script
From script to screen a two day workshop hosted by professionals who are in and know the industry.
"Experience what New York and Hollywood knows" that Virginia has been missing until now! Ever thought about becoming an actor?  Here's a great opportunity with powerful workshops from
experience professionals.  REGISTER NOW!  Limited seating with a final  scene to be directed by an experience director.  What makes us so uniquely differently?  We have a full movie set and
we're currently shooting miicro-movies, shorts and feature films with other opportunities  becoming available.  Testimonials from  actors who have taken our workshops, they've been cast in a
few of our film projects in order to work on there craft and gain the experience they need.  Get the training you'll need to build your acting reel so that you can become a polished working
*R E G I S T E R   H E R E*
You'll Learn:
We do not claim, promise or guarantee success to anyone within the entertainment industry. We do however provide opportunities through our association with other companies and its affiliates. We only offer our workshops and experience as a way of
learning, training and skill building while providing you with information and knowledge to building your personal talent.  Opportunities are not a claim to make or guarantee success to anyone affiliated or associated with the company nor do we claim
responsibility for your talent. If you are booked for a job through us we do not charge no more then 15% to 20% of the talent booking. We do not claim the responsibility of a booking or  a talent agency and therefore do not claim responsibility failure or
success, or guarantee finding work within the entertainment industry. All photographs and video taken at the workshops can not be used without written or verbal permission on other social media sites and we have the right to use your name, you and
your likeness for advertising purposes. Anyone attending the workshop must sign a photo/video release form. Any material on or within this website is the sole copyrights of the DIP Global Media Films LLC., brand.  Anyone under the age of eighteen
must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Times and dates are subject to change within a 24 hour notice.
Acting for Film & Television
Get the Training You Need or Work on Your Craft
F R O M   S C R I P T   T O   S C R E E N
N E E D    P R O F E S S I O N A L    H E A D S H O T S   -   B O O K   T O D A Y !   -
"U n B r e a k a b l e   B o n d"   F e a t u r e   F i l m
" T r u s t "   M i c r o M o v i e   A c t i n g   H o u s e   W o r k s h o p s  3
" C a u g h t "   M i c r o M o v i e   A c t i n g   H o u s e   W o r k s h o p s  2   
If you're serious about ACTING or working on your craft then don't miss it...
" F r o s t B y t e "   A c t i n g   H o u s e   W o r k s h o p s  4
A.Renee Cooper: Acting Coach
F r o m   S c r i p t   T o   S c r e e n
Special thanks to all of the actors who participated in the past workshops .
DIP Global Media: Thank you to all the actors who have signed up to participate in this weekends up coming workshop. We've sent letters and just
wanted to confirm that due to  the circumstances of the epidemic this workshop is postponed until further notice. Your seats have been reserved, we will
inform you when a new date is available. Thank you
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