All payments are final and non-refundable. Workshops are only offered on the date given and my not be change to other dates and can not be combined with any other offers.
  • Where to begin
  • Character Development
  • Scene Study/Monolouge
  • Realistic Approach
  • Staying In The Moment
  • Audition Process
From script to screen a two day workshop hosted by professionals who are in and know the industry.
-Workshop Weekend: July 20 - 21
-An Intense Training Workshops
-Time: (Sat 20th 12pm) (Sun 21th 10am)
-Register Now / Receive Your Script
Limited Space
"Experience what New York and Hollywood knows" that Virginia has been missing until now! Ever thought about becoming an actor?  Here's a great
opportunity with two powerful workshops from experience professionals.   REGISTER NOW!  Limited seating with a final  scene to be directed by an
experience director.  What makes us so uniquely differently?  We have a full movie set and we're currently shooting shorts and feature films and other
opportunities are becoming available.  Testimonials from  actors who have taken our workshops, they've been cast in a few of our film projects in order to
work on there craft and gain the experience they need.  Get the training you'll need, build your acting reel so that you can become a polished working
You'll Learn:
If you're serious
about ACTING or
working on your craft
then don't miss it.....
The Verbal Great Escape...
Actors, Romero, Jessica and Olivia participating in a live scene at the Acting House Workshop. Later during the year they also received an
opportunity to work on several other projects and appearing on screen in the 48hr Film Festival Short Film "Void" Directed by: Darryl Jones
The Acting House Workshops "From Script to Screen" was a big hit in the Williamsburg, VA area.  The actors were surprised when they found themselves
emerged in a live movie scene.  Darryl Jones, Director; Jenise Brown, Associate Producer/Actress and Samaya- Toler Charles, Professional Hairstylist
conducted one of the most intense comprehensive workshops to reach the city of Williamsburg. A wealth of information about the movie industry
and how to break into it, Jones provided the necessary skills and tools. Held at the TFS Modeling and Talent Management Company, the actors who
attended were really excited with questions about the industry, how to get started and what it takes to become an actor. More seminars will be held
throughout the Virginia area.  
We do not claim, promise or guarantee success to anyone within the entertainment industry. We do however provide opportunities through our association with other companies and its affiliates. We only offer our workshops and experience as a way
of learning, training and skill building while providing you with information and knowledge to building your craft.  Opportunities are not a claim to make or guarantee success to anyone affiliated or associated with the company nor do we claim
responsibility for your craft. If you are booked for a job through us we do not charge more then 15% to 20% of the talent booking. We do not claim the responsibility of a booking or to be a talent agency and therefore do not claim responsibility or
guarantee finding work within the entertainment industry. Times and dates are subject to change within a 24 hour notice.
Acting for Film & Television
Get the Training You Need or Work On Your Craft
D a r r y l   J o n e s   C i n e m a p h o t o g r a p h e r   (RVA)
Carlos is about to get married but there's only one problem.
He's been cheating on his finance, or his he really cheating on
his girlfriend? When confronted he has to think quick and
convince them both that there not dating the same guy.  

This scene was an on the spot scene, teaching them to be in
the moment and stay real. The topic was provided the dialog
came from them, no script.
Comfortable Atmosphere, Experience Professionals and Set Ready
Jessica Johnson attended the Acting
House Workshop held in Williamsburg,
Virgina and to her surprise about 3
months later received a call from Director
Darryl Jones and was offered a part in
the up coming internet series the Kadi
Deverrow Series.  A story about a young
girl who family was killed. After becoming
a cop, with every case she solves it
brings her one step closer to her truth.
A C T I N G   T I P S   C O R N E R
From those who work in the industry
Actress and Producer A. Renee Cooper breaks down the script and prepares the actors for shooting
doing the Acting House Workshops.  Written and Directed by Darryl Jones for DIP Global Media Film.  
On location at there new movie studio and workshop location. When it comes to acting the best
advice  and information you could get is from those who work directly in the industry you want to be
in.  So I've gather up a few of my friends over the years from actors, directors, casting directors,
production crew, cameramen, whom I've had the pleasure of working with.  Yes school is great for
structure but I've learned more from being on the set of movies and working with them, working with
different personalities and building relationships. It's one of the greatest assets in my career and I want
to share them with you.  Real facts, Real Truth and Real Work from real people that do it, and went
through what ever they had to go through to be where they are today.
Giving Actors the opportunities they need to build there reels, resumes and receive professional headshots.  One of the most
exciting workshops that Richmond, Virginia has to offer puts you in front of the camera from script to screen.  Working with
directors, producers, writers and actors learning and building your confidence.  
F R O M   S C R I P T   T O   S C R E E N
W I T H    M I C R O    M O V I E S
  • John Gordon
  • A Renee Cooper
  • Jessica Johnson
  • Romero Robbins
  • Robin Williams
  • Written & Directed by: Darryl Jones
  • Sound/Boom: Samaya Toler
  • Produced By" A Renee Cooper
  • Filmed on Location
Director of Photography / Editing
Darryl Jones
Next Workshop -  Saturday July 20 & 21th 2019
At the end of the Acting House Workshop the actors get a chance to experience what it feel like to be in front of the camera. It's a place where you really can develop your
skill, get feedback and make the necessary adjustments. An opportunity to get direction, grow and develop your acting reel. It's a great opportunity in the Maryland, DC
and Virginia Area.
What's it going to take for you to move forward in your acting career. Sure they're a lot of workshops, headshot photographers,
classes, auditions, coaches and times when you feel like all of it is a waste of time. I get it, but when your born with something in
you it's hard to let it go. So buckle up and hold on for the ride because it cost money. Now it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg
so put a spending limit on it.  My suggestion is a $2000.00 limit on it for each year to cover cost but sometimes you have to
spend a little bit more and it's OK. But don't go crazy!  Do your research, ask lots of questions and try to work with people who
are really do it and not trying to sell you your own dream.  How can you tell just ask to see there resumes and most recent and
past work. But most important what are you going to walk away with when it's all finished.  You're trying to build yourself and
establish a presence in the market place of being an action who represents good quality work and always remember to be at
least 15 minutes early to every session, audition and appointments.  Try not to think negative about someone who's providing a
service you've never tired or have been recommended not to used.  Look into it for your self and do your research, research
and more research.  
W r i t t e n  &  D i r e c t e d  By:
D a r r y l  J o n e s
P r o d u c e d  b y :
A. R e n e e   C o o p e r
A c t o r s
A. R e n e e   C o o p e r
G i n a  B l o u n t   J o n e s
C h i a k i a   C r a w f o r d
S t e p h a n i e   S t o n e
S a m  C l a r k
S a m a r i   C l a r k
A mother finds out that she has a terminal illness and hasn't told her sixteen year old daughter, her friends
don't think it right for her not to know.
New Workshop Weekend  Saturday July 20, 2019 12pm - 2pm
Shoot - Sunday July 21, 2019 10am - 4pm
Register Early To Receive Your Script...
What is it going to take for you get your acting career of the ground? First
let me tell you like this, taking advice from someone is only considered
information. With that being said choosing the right resources can be
challenging when spending your hard earn money, I completely understand but do
remember everyone has to start somewhere and trying to avoid all the mistakes
is simply impossible. You're going to make some even the ones you can't see
coming. Getting involved in acting workshops is a good way to get better at
your craft, and having all the right tools can definitely  push your career
forward. So you're going to need headshots, resume and a reel.  These things
cost money.  Nothing is free when it comes to this because your paying for
someones experience.  You have to audition, it's a must no one gets around
this. You need someone to give you the opportunity to be a part of there
project in order to get the tape to show your new develop skills as an actor
for your reel.  
Now Screening June 7, 2019 9:00pm -11:00pm at the Brooklyn Arts Film Festival - St. Francis College 180 Remsen Street Brooklyn, NY 11201
"C A U G H T"