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What does it take to become a working
Actor?  Gina Blount Jones is very familiar
with the question and the process, she's
been cast in several of the DIP Global
Media Film Company's Micro-Movies
while just coming off of the set as a
stand-In for the movie "Walking Dead". It's
a hard industry to be in where you have to
hone your craft and try to get better
everyday, and DIP Global Media Film
supports that from Its' Workshops, Script
To Screen and Script Breakdown.
Gina Blount Jones/Actress
Learning about breaking down the script for shooting
purposes in a workshop setting is very important.  An
actor can gain a lot of important information f
rom the
back story of the character.
Getting Cast In Your First Film.
Could Make A Difference In Your
Romero Robbins is working on becoming a
lead but for now as a supporting actor and
co-star in several of the DIP Global Media
Films "Caught", "The Kadi Deverrow
Series" he's grateful for the opportunity of
being in front of the camera, doing what he
loves, and is passionate about it.  After
several movies and lots of auditions for
extra work in several films which were
shooting in the Virginia Area,  building a
career as an actor takes a lot of discipline
and being around people with the same
agenda The Actor House Workshops is the
perfect place.
The Acting House Workshops @ DIP Global Media Movie Studios In Richmond Virginia
The Kadi Deverrow / Series
Trust / Short
Caught / Short
* F r o s t B y t e * / S e r i e s
We do not claim, promise or guarantee success to anyone within the entertainment industry. We do however provide opportunities through our association with other companies and its affiliates. We only offer our workshops and experience as a way of
learning, training and skill building while providing you with information and knowledge to building your personal talent.  Opportunities are not a claim to make or guarantee success to anyone affiliated or associated with the company nor do we claim
responsibility for your talent. If you are booked for a job through us we do not charge no more then 15% to 20% of the talent booking. We do not claim the responsibility of a booking or  a talent agency and therefore do not claim responsibility failure or
success, or guarantee finding work within the entertainment industry. All photographs and video taken at the workshops can not be used without written or verbal permission on other social media sites and we have the right to use your name, you and
your likeness for advertising purposes. Anyone attending the workshop must sign a photo/video release form. Any material on or within this website is the sole copyrights of the DIP Global Media Films LLC., brand.  Anyone under the age of eighteen
must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Times and dates are subject to change within a 24 hour notice.
Broke / Short
Romero Robbins/Actor
N o w  C A S T I N G
Darryl Jones,
Writer, Director, Producer / DIP Global Media Films
Non-Union / UnPaid / Tape, Credit, Craft Services
Filming Date: TBA
Time: 10:00am Call Time
Zoom Read: TBA
Table Read: TBA

A, a good cop who makes a bad decision, she controls the streets from
deep within. But no one saw this coming after a flawed bank robbery, missing
money, and a lawyer who only wants the truth.

Dawn Spyce: 30+ African American Female: Street Smart, Tough, Witty,

Capt. Lucy Drake: 35+ African American Female:  Book, Street, Cleverly Smart.

Chief Mason West:  40+ African American Female; Strict, Confident, Sharp.

Laura Frost: 30 to 40 yrs. Old, African American, Attorney, Strong, Intelligent,

Danny Evan:  30+ African American Male:  Detective Type, Strong Personality.

Corbin Tyler: 30s  Clean Cut, Intelligent, Computer Savvy, Tough, Martial Artist,
knows the street,

Carmenia Lewis 25-30 Latino/African American Female, computer geek, highly
intellagent, fashionista type, savvy and very street smart.

Media Submission: Headshot, Resume, Reel to (
We do not allow picture taking on set without permission.
If you located in the DMV area, and are looking for acting opportunities then you're in the right place. We're a boutique
film, video and photography production company who's always looking for experienced and in-experienced Actors for
movies projects whether it's a Short, Feature or Miro Movie for a 48hfp film project.   
UnBreakable Bond 'Feature Film"  Script Production In Process For 2021
All payments and or deposits are final and non-refundable. Workshops are only offered on the date given and may not be changed to other dates and can not be combined with any other offers
N O W   C A S T I N G  
R i c h m o n d,  V i r g i n i a
Congratulations To Winston Reed III
A member of our Acting House Workshops just sent me this.  He
took our workshop last year and look at him now doing what he
loves.  He was a part of the Script To Screen Movie "FrostByte"
and now an on-air news Journalist in Tenn. He was recommended
to us by Jeremie Roberts Zjae Productions. (RVA) Congratulations
Winston Reed III.