DIP Global Media signs former Creative Director of Focus Magazine of Virginia and NorthSide Vibes Newpaper Notable Fashion
Photographer, Makeup Artist, Talent Developer, Entertainment Manager and Film Director, Darryl Jones, to engage new talent! It
was finalized last week, after a year-long negotiation process, that he and his team will head up and strengthen the talent relations,
development and casting departments. With over thirty years of experience the company will also entrust him with directing the
company's first feature film. The film is to be shot this summer utilizing new talent from the Virginia area. This move  stems from a
previous decision not to extend a contract as Creative Director of Focus Magazine of Virginia and New York. Focus Magazine is a
national brand and lifestyle magazine strongly credited for being the cosmopolitan of branding success.   

With many established issues to his credit, along with his skills as a professional photographer, makeup artist and manager, this will
give him an opportunity to write, direct and produce movies, albums and concerts as he serves as a key executive within the
From background to forefront, these are the new faces of the entertainment industry.
Anthony Matthews joins the Unbreakable Bond movie set
which is being shot in the Virginia area by director Darryl
Jones as the new leading male. He will play the father
Kevin Bridge who's unclear of his career choices while his
relationship with his wife and children are on a roller
coaster ride of confusion. The  Washington, DC native who
now resides in New York has appeared in many campaigns
with the likes of Beyonce and other commercials.  His
acting debut stems from he and Jones connection years ago
as he was apart of the recording group Day One whom
Jones use to manage. Jones and his partner flew to NY to
audition him and found that he had all the requirements
necessary to play the part of Kevin Bridge.
"UnBreakable Bond" THE MOVIE
This new wit of a talent has all the right ingredients but the role is a bit challenging because she really is awesomely nice on and off
the set said director Darryl Jones. Without any acting experience she pulls it off quite well,  very believable for this to be her very
first movie role. She truly a triple threat with her talent as a dancer, recording artist and actress but here's the catch.  She has a
degree in biology with a minor in chemistry which explains how she learned the script so fast. Her mind has been program to analyze
and retain information which give her such a competitive edge.  Sometime she remember her lines and the person she's in the
scene with.

Playing the role of Delisa Santos a young teenage bully who has a great deal of personality flaws and problem of being a bad girl.
With so many problems facing her she doesn't have a care in the world or cares about anything but her music and becoming a
superstar. She's known throughout her high school as a serious trouble makeer and stirs up trouble everywhere she goes. Raised
by a single mother who's on drugs and really doesn't show Delisa any love or affection. She turns to the one thing she knows best
and that being a bully.

After bulling Amber who goes to the same school she finds out there's someone who doesn't have a problem standing up to her and
Ambers younger sister Amanda, who has her own problems to deal with.   She won't stand for anyone messing with her sister.
Amber who loves music and dance refuses to stand up for herself and believes that kindness will rescue her from Delisa's menacing
Melisa Burton stars in the upcoming new movie "UnBreakable Bond" as Delisa Santos
Lets think about it for a second.  What does it take to make a
movie? Money, everyone wants it and everyone needs it but when
it comes to making it how difficult is it really.  What does it take
for a good solid investment to take place? Well you have to have
something solid to invest in and since entertainment is always
going to be around then ask yourself why not? Why not put a little
money in to get a lot of money out and do to the fact that some of
us waste a lot of money on simple things in life.  Film-making is
not an easy process and sometime it can take months to
complete but once it done it can be very lucrative. Just look at
some of your blockbuster movies on the market today but
independent films can be very lucrative as well.  Some even
raking in millions of dollars with a minimum investment but
there are those that just make you enough cash to want to do it
again and again.  With technology being the driving force of it all
we're opening up the doors for you to have an opportunity to
invest in this unique project and an opportunity to receive a
return on your investment even while you sleep. Now with that
being said we need to say this "It's Not Over Night Success" and
we want to be perfectly clear it takes time and it's risky but what
isn't.  This is not donations it's an investment when your getting
a return on your investment starting at $500.00 up to $1000.00
which is the cut of point and our percentages are based on the
amount of your investment which will not exceed 10 percent and
we're only allowing 10 people to do so.  If you have any questions
please contact us to dipglobalmedia@gmail.com to request your
application for investment.  If you can't afford it please don't do it,
this is not a get rich quick scheme that's going to change your life
over night. It could but this is not it.  We want you to be very
comfortable with what you're doing.
An industry that can bring you
Residual Income With
technology being the driving
force of it all.
The magazine will feature the latest in
Fashion, News, Technology, Business and
Author /Actress Writes New Book
Jenise "Justics" Brown has her eyes set on the
prize with a new book and movie with the lead
role as "Regnia Bridge"
Men are just as important in the fashion industry
as the women, with impressive resumes.
At 21 this young designer is on fire with his
couture collection which is driving the young girls
crazy.  When it comes to being a princess for a
night you have to have on a DaJon Johnson Dress
and you won't even need a glass slipper just shoes
to match.
Building A Serious Models Portfolio
  • The Photographer
  • Clothes
  • Images
  • Brand
  • Composite Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Face Shot
  • Being On Time For The
  • Attitude
  • Health & Beauty
  • Agents
  • Booking Managers
Which Agency Is Right For You
Stony Point Fashion Park Idol
We do not claim, promise or guarantee success to anyone within the entertainment industry. We do however provide opportunities through our association with other companies and its affiliates. We only offer our workshops and experience as a way of
learning, training and skill building while providing you with information and knowledge to building your personal talent.  Opportunities are not a claim to make or guarantee success to anyone affiliated or associated with the company nor do we claim
responsibility for your talent. If you are booked for a job through us we do not charge no more then 15% to 20% of the talent booking. We do not claim the responsibility of a booking or  a talent agency and therefore do not claim responsibility failure or
success, or guarantee finding work within the entertainment industry. All photographs and video taken at the workshops can not be used without written or verbal permission on other social media sites and we have the right to use your name, you and
your likeness for advertising purposes. Anyone attending the workshop must sign a photo/video release form. Any material on or within this website is the sole copyrights of the DIP Global Media Films LLC., brand.  Anyone under the age of eighteen
must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Times and dates are subject to change within a 24 hour notice.
Investing in independent film
projects is making people
financially comfortable
overnight and is considered
securing the bag.
Building a Record label can be a pretty daunting task when there's not a strong enough of a music scene
in the first place but the attempt is worth the try.  New recording studios are popping up in Virginia
area while recording artist are beginning to create a strong stand trying to master and learn the
business craft of the industry.  Rick Pilgrim, Kyng Hick and Darryl Jones are the founders of Pilgrim
Records.  It's over 25 years of music experience from being involved in record labels, street
promotions, marketing and branding artist, which are also focused of some key elements of artist
development and management.  

The cost of it all can become expensive but what price is to much to pay for one's career when the
payoff could mean a nice Financial Nest Egg for an artist to earn a living.  True it's a different world out
there but one thing for sure is the comment level and focus is at the forefront of it all the business and
artist have to understand if you don't have all the answers then find someone who does. Your career
depends on it.
Rick Pilgrim: Photo Courtesy  of DIP Global Media
A n i s k a
M a t t h e w
Recording Artist/Songwriter Novia Monae and Rap Artist Richy Roll
blasted off over the weekend with the debut of their new singles at
their listening event over the weekend. Hosted by Kyng Hicks of
Millennial 1000 and Darryl Jones of DIP Global Media for the Pilgrim
Record Label.  A Richmond Virginia Label being established the to
support artist from the Mid-Atlantic Region in a city which is
changing and growing with new developments and communities
being built.  Placing itself back on the map of the music industry
with new recording, movie and entertainment studio moving and
shaking up the city.  

Darryl Jones Film Director is also heading back to the music
business. Once a popular New York manager who recently
established a new office in Virginia and since then has gone on the
build a new movie studio right here in the city.   His resume dealing
with the major labels speaks volumes for itself when it come to
working with recording artist of all genre's.  

Novia Monae and Richy Roll are from the Virginia area teamed up
for a new the hot new single "Problem Child" which will soon be
available for download is just waiting on it's release date and fans
are waiting and anticipating it's success.  Stay tune for more info.
Photo Coutersy of DIP Global Media
Marketing Kyng Hicks, Actress, Stylist Chi Reed, Artist Novie'Monae Rapper Richy Roll
President Rick Pilgrim, Producer. Mgr. Darryl Jones, Mgr. Yolanda Clark
Rap Richy Roll, Artist Novia'Monae Producer, Mgr. Darryl Jones