What does it take for an artist to make it in the entertainment industry? Do you
have all the right skills and tools so that when the phone rings you’re absolutely
ready? With so many artist trying to get in, beating at the front door, we have
to take a good look at 1% of the artists who really get an opportunity to be
discovered, and how are they leading the pack.

What is artist development?  Who provides it?   Why should you consider it?
These are the questions that we're going to try and find the answers to by
talking with some of the companies and individuals who provide it. When it
comes to developing new talent, someone has to be responsible for fine
tuning. Talent developers are those behind the scenes with the many years of
experience and discipline. You have to learn how to play in a marketing,
promotion and branding world, but first you must have the right attitude to
even be considered.  It's a known fact in the entertainment business. Just look
around at those who have been trying to be successful for many years.
Attitude determines your altitude and all it takes is a bad attitude to kill the
whole deal and everything around it. And if you’re not willing to put in your
own money to achieve greatness then don't even try to sit at the same table.
It's not like it used to be when someone else was spending their money.  So
many have taken advantage of these unique people and opportunities, so
now you to have something to loose too.  It's also a way to separate those who
are serious about their careers and those who want something for nothing.  
Just stay home, don't even come out of the house if you’re not willing to put in
the effort, time and money.  But if you’re really ready to play in the arena of
success, then bring your funds with you, watch and learn how successful
people do what they do. It's a specialized, creative field of having an intense
vision of where to go and how to get there, and not everyone can do it and
remember your package means everything to your career.
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