The energy behind her voice is her soul pushing
through, it's something that time has developed
after years of singing with a band.  Katrina Richele
finally steps out front in order to capture her true
identity as a singer and songwriter.  She discovered
her voice at the age of nine and always wanted to
sing.  Music had become a part of her life growing
up.   Interesting story to say the least, which could
easily be turned into a blockbuster movie.  But first
things first,  is  getting her passion out for the
world to hear.  
Imagine letting a voice like hers pass.  But now that you've heard it,  you begin to think those thoughts,  but try not to.  
She's here now, and you're listening to every word, and every song she's pouring out.  We know, we've had the same thoughts,
thinking that a new star is rising to the surface right in front of us.
P r e s e n t s
Music Video Behind The Scene Taken By:  Darryl Jones II
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