A C C E P T I N G    M O D E L S    F O R    U P C O M I N G    P H O T O S H O O T    E M A I L   S A M P L E S    T O    D I P G L O B A L M E D I A @ G M A I L . C O M
AGC Let us start by saying we're proud to have new model Kara
Green on the cover of our first issue, which is currently in
production, so look for the first release soon. She's wearing designs
from the
designer DaJon Johnson and photographed by noted
New York Fashion Photographer and Makeup Artist Darryl Jones
with whom we had the opportunity to talk
with.   Since taking on
his new executive position with the company  we wondered
where does he find the time
to travel from New York, LA, Miami,
Atlanta t
o look for new talent and if you want to shoot with him it's
a little more difficult if you’re not 5'9”
, have a unique interesting
or hot on social media.  He's only interested in those who take
it very seriously
and he has worked on both ends of the spectrum
when it comes to Fashion
, Entertainment and has now become
the new Creative Director of
"American Girl Collection"  Fashion
Magazine since leaving Focus Magazine of Virginia.
American Girl is the source for delivering
your product or services throughout the
DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. Our
magazine’s presence is intensely focused
and rich with content for professional
entertainers, designers, models, artists,
culinary specialists and anyone else who
enjoys life and dares to dream big. It's
more than a media brand; it's about your
total business concept while pushing your
business forward, offering you affordable
advertising rates, quality photography,
graphics and personal business services
and distributing to potential customers
right in your neighborhood. We already
know that word of mouth is a very
powerful tool, but word of mouth with a
powerful tool that displays your business in
it can take you and your business over the
top. It's like putting your product or
services directly in the hands of your
customers, driving them to engage with
others. This, in turn, will bring potential new
customers directly to you. For more
information on advertising email
We believe media marketing is about more than just the brand.  It's about your total business concept.
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W H E N   F A S H I O N   T A K E S   A N O T H E R   S T E P
Lets Face it Holly Byrd Miller is one of Richmond Virginia hottest new  
makeup artist. She also freelances for international companies such as
Giorgio Armani Beauty, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Laura Mercier.  
She is a Certified Makeup Instructor and has traveled throughout the
east coast educating everyday women and future makeup artists on the
fundamentals of makeup artistry, as well as current beauty trends. Her
passion as a Beauty Consultant allows her to empower women to look
and feel their best.   

M  A  L  E     E  D  I  T  O  R  I  A  L
Fashion Modelling is considered to have originated in the mid-
nineteen century in Paris. The first ever fashion model is believed to
be Marie Vernet Worth in 1892 who was married to fashion designer
Charles Worth. The trend towards fashion modelling did not seem to
increase immensely considering the success of the Worth’s. This was
mainly due to the fact that models in the early 20th century were
not seen as respected individuals and were not considered to have
an acceptable profession. However, this view in society began to
change in 1924 when Jean Patou selected only American white
woman to model his clothes. This use of selectiveness allowed Patou’
s clients to identify more with his designs but more importantly
allowed the model profession to become more socially acceptable
in those less politically correct times. The openings of the first
modelling agencies in London and the US shortly after further
emphasized the acceptance of modelling as an appropriate job
within society. At this time model types were also evolving and it
was not just the typical tall and slender models that were being

Models started to develop into super models where they received
incredible amounts of money. For example, Lisa Fossagrives, who
some people claim as the first ever supermodel, appeared in
numerous high fashion magazines throughout the 1930s, 1940s and
1950s. Janice Dickinson in the 1960s who is more widely respected as
the first ever supermodel became the highest paid model, earning
$2,000 per day. She was on the cover of several European
magazines including Vogue and Cosmopolitan that were also well
established fashion magazines. During the 1960s and the 1970s more
and more supermodels became apparent due to their growing
popularity with society. Namely – Twiggy (London – born) and Cheryl
Tiegs (Minnesota).

The prominence of the supermodel era continued to grow well into
the 1980s and 1990s with models such as Claudia Schiffer, Elle
Macpherson, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.
Men also got their turn, with the likes of Mark Wahlberg, Joel West
and Markus Schenkenberg, who was hailed as the world´s first male
supermodel, becoming household names. All of these models
became the elite in the modelling industry and to some extent still
Let there be fashion, just fashion someone once said. DaJon Johnson spends a lot of time working on his
craft. He should, because by the time he's twenty-five he should have made a name for himself. If not, then
his clothing will speak volumes and echo his name for years to come. But there's one thing to think about
and that's the competition. So how does a young designer cope? Design, sow and repeat, then do a show
because in the end it doesn't matter if people aren't buying. You're not staying current, trendy or setting the
bar high enough that people will never forget. But for this young designer, how can you forget when you
take one look at what he's creating? The beauty, the color, the shapes and the sizes that are custom one of
a kind made specifically for you and your tastes. His stunning gowns capture your imagination and pull you
in, then you know you’re fabulous! If you walk the red carpet or just down the street, his designs will stop
everyone right in their tracks.
DaJon Johnson Designer
A M E R I C A N   G I R L   C O L L E C T I O N