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New York is where he spent the majority of his career grooming his skills while working in the Entertainment Industry .  His ups and downs have manifested his
talent into a labor of love and passion which catapulted  him into the mainstream.  He's worked for fashion studio houses, to top fashion magazines,
photographed countless models with major agencies and served as the creative director to some of the most popular brands from around the world.   As a
Manager in the Music Industry, with several major recording deals  to his credit he has managed to sustain himself by forging ahead, building his skills in order
to respond to the new technology of this era.

He's a published fashion photographer , makeup artist and now taking on the television and film industry as a writer, director and producer.  While 2020 is
shaping up to becoming one of his best years to date with the opening of  his new Movie Studio in Richmond, Virginia and several movies already under his
belt he's cultivating a community of actors for the next stages of their careers by creating opportunities to bring them to the screen.  
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email:  dipglobalmedia@gmail.com
A.Renee Cooper
D a r r y l  J o n e s   C i n e m a t o g r a p h e r   R i c h m o n d  U n i t
F r e e   C o n s u l t a t i o n   8 0 4 - 9 0 9 - 9 9 6 4
Her ability to connect with readers causes a reaction, at first glance the title could easy be
mistaken  for something else but once you dive in to the first pages it's spell bounding. A long
glimpse of the past, how things use to be in the dating world. When relationships go wrong for all
the wrong reasons.  When your ex keeps trying to come back but you've moved on trying to
establish your life. The kind of life you've been dreaming and what you're will to go through to have
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Author: Rosalyn F. Campbell  "Too Many Men"
"T O O   M A N Y   M E N"   
DIP Global Media Films & The Acting House Workshops: Thank you to all the actors who have signed up to participate in this weekends up coming
workshop. We've sent letters and just wanted to confirm that due to  the circumstances of the pandemic this workshop is postponed until further notice.
Your seats have been reserved, we will inform you when a new date is available. Thank you
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